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(Click on at the bottom of this page.) Service Pack 2 (SP2) appeared on 2004-08-06.

Remnants of Service Pack 2 may still cause some problems, warning and error messages in the system event log, but these should go away once you have successfully reinstalled Service Pack 2.

The same is true for Service Pack 3 (SP3), which appeared on 2008-05-06.Family Id=049C9DBE-3B8E-4F30-8245-9E368D3CDB5A These articles describe the procedure: For more descriptions, try: q="Windows XP" "Service Pack 2" slipstream Note: You cannot use the /integrate switch to slipstream Windows XP SP2 into a folder with Windows XP on a Windows 2000 computer.If it doesn't, or even if it does, but you cannot find any other possible cause, do a repair installation.The repair installation overwrites Service Pack 2 files and may leave your computer with some functions not working and a few error messages repeatedly being logged, so you should then reinstall Service Pack 2.

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