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At Rivera’s side was a female friend, who was wearing a small, concealed microphone.Outside, two older women, both abortion rights activists and writers, waited in a parked station wagon with a Dallas television crew, listening in.In Rivera’s perfect world, the midwife would never practice again. “She sat in this chair, she talked to that woman, and she saw those instruments, and it didn’t matter.

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By then, she was crying out of nervousness and anger.Nine months earlier, her best friend, Rosie Jimenez, had been treated by Pineda with disastrous consequences.For Rivera, this amateur sting operation was a way to bring down harsh repercussions on the midwife.They were single mothers on welfare in socially conservative Mc Allen, determined to improve their lives and devoted to their kids.In 1974, they talked each other into enrolling at Mc Allen’s Pan American University.

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